Top 5 Best Medical Insurance Jobs in Canada and How to Apply Now. Pt. 2
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Top 5 Best Medical Insurance Jobs in Canada and How to Apply Now Pt. 2

Medical insurance Jobs are very essential and we discussed in brief about a rewarding career in the medical insurance sector in Canada, and this is the continuation of the previous article on medical insurance jobs in Canada and how to apply. Be reminded that the healthcare industry is growing rapidly and also know that with it comes an increased demand for skilled professionals to manage the complexities of medical insurance. This article, will explore the top remaining top 5 best medical insurance jobs in Canada, providing insights into each role’s responsibilities, qualifications, and how you can apply. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional looking to switch careers, these positions offer excellent opportunities for growth and advancement. If you missed out on the previous article you can click here to check it. Lets Proceed

6. Healthcare Risk Manager

Healthcare risk managers focus on identifying potential risks within medical facilities and developing strategies to mitigate them. They work to improve patient safety, minimize medical errors, and manage liability issues. A background in healthcare management, risk management, or patient safety is valuable. Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail are critical for success.

Canadian companies currently recruiting roles as Health Risk Manager

  • Toronto General Hospital – Toronto General Hospital (TGH) is leading the way in cardiac care, organ transplants and the treatment of complex patient needs. University Health long history of health professions education at Toronto General, Toronto Western, Princess Margaret and Toronto Rehab hospitals has consistently advanced the science of education. There are also various roles available of which some are health risk manager, Physiotherapist / Chiropractor, Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist and many more.
    To apply for these roles, click here
  • Fraser Health Authority – The Fraser Health Authority (FHA) is one of five publicly funded health authorities into which the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC). They are responsible for the delivery of hospital and community-based health services to more than 1.9 million people in 20 diverse communities from Burnaby to Fraser Canyon on the traditional, ancestral and undecided territories of the Coast Salish and Nlaka’pamux Nations. They also have various roles open.
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7. Medical Insurance Compliance Officer

Insurance compliance officers ensure that insurance companies adhere to industry regulations and legal requirements. They conduct internal audits, monitor policy practices, and report any discrepancies. A solid understanding of insurance regulations and excellent organizational skills are necessary for this role.

Canadian companies currently recruiting roles as Insurance Compliance Officer

  • AIG Canada – With a federal operating license to conduct business in all Canadian provinces and territories, AIG Canada has been offering insurance products for more than 50 years. AIG Canada is one of the top property and casualty insurance providers in the nation, offering a variety of commercial and consumer products through a network of independent brokers. There are about 400 available roles of which Insurance compliance officer, Insurance Program Manager and many more are part of them.
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  • Zurich Canada – As one of the top three providers of travel insurance worldwide, Zurich Canada has been offering complete insurance solutions for more than 140 years, including more than 90 years in Canada. As a global business, we are aware of how travel risks change across the globe. Lots of available roles for recruitment.
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  • Aviva Canada – Providing home, vehicle, leisure/lifestyle, and business insurance to 2.4 million consumers, Aviva Canada is one of the top property and liability insurance organizations in the nation. Recovery Adjuster, Customer Service Expert, Insurance compliance officer, Motor Fleet Risk Consultant, and many more are just a few of the open positions.
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8. Benefits Coordinator

Benefits coordinators manage employee benefit programs within organizations. They help employees understand their insurance coverage, retirement plans, and other benefits. Strong communication skills and a background in human resources or benefits administration are advantageous.

Canadian companies currently recruiting roles as Benefits Coordinator

  • Morneau Shepell – Morneau Shepell is one of the world’s largest Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers, supporting employees and their families across the globe to resolve work, health, and life challenges. They serve more than 20,000 global organizations, supporting over 20 million individuals to improve their lives. roles are open too of which you can apply below.
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  • Mercer Canada – Mercer Canada Ltd. provides insurance and broker services. The Company offers strategy, bench-marking, design, pricing, financial management, vendor management, program marketing, renewal management, communication, and compliance and administration
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  • ADP Canada – This company is for HR, Talent, Time Management, Benefits and Payroll. The core backbone is that it is informed by data and designed for people. There are also various roles available which you can check below.
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9. Claims Review Nurse

Claims review nurses evaluate medical claims to determine the medical necessity and appropriateness of treatments. They use their clinical expertise to ensure that claims align with established medical guidelines. A nursing degree and relevant clinical experience are typically required for this role.

Canadian companies currently recruiting roles as Claims Review Nurse

  • Medavie Blue Cross – This company is a leading all-in-one private health insurer and public health program administrator that insures and manages health, dental, travel, life and disability benefits for individuals and organizations across Canada. It also has various roles open for recruitment that are not limited to Actuarial Analyst, Medical billing specialist, claims review nurse and Senior Group Underwriter.
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  • Green Shield Canada – Green Shield is an integrated health and benefits organization championing Better Health for All.
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10. Healthcare Fraud Investigator

Healthcare fraud investigators identify and prevent fraudulent activities within the medical insurance sector. They analyze claims data, conduct investigations, and collaborate with law enforcement when necessary. A background in criminal justice, data analysis, or healthcare administration can be beneficial. Strong analytical skills and attention to detail are essential to uncover fraudulent activities.

Canadian companies currently recruiting roles as Healthcare Fraud Investigator

  • Manulife Financial – This Insurance company offers a variety of career paths for ambitious, collaborative individuals who want to make an impact every day. Roles are available in a number of areas, including actuarial, advanced analytics, customer service, communications, health insurance adjuster, finance, human resources, technology, marketing, product development, risk, legal and more.
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  • Equitable Life of Canada – This is a company that provides financial security differently by focusing exclusively on their clients.
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  • Canada Life – This company is focused on improving the financial, physical and mental well-being of Canadians. Canada life is a subsidiary of Great-West Lifeco Incorporated and is a member of the Power Corporation group of companies.
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Medical Insurance Jobs in Canada are quite lucrative although they can be tedious to get because of how delicate the jobs are but with your adequate trainings and relevant experience, I am sure that grasping a Job would not be difficult.

If you did miss out in our previous article “Top 5 best Medical Insurance Jobs in Canada and How to Apply pt.1, you can click here to go through it.

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